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January Edition

Thanks to the support of loyal donors like you, we’ve been very busy this month protecting cats around the country. Here are just a few of our current projects and successes:

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Victory! Bayside State Prison Cancels Plan to Remove Cats


Thanks to everyone in New Jersey who took action, Bayside State Prison in Leesburg, N.J. canceled its plan to remove a colony of feral cats who have been part of a Trap-Neuter-Return program since 2005. The prison’s administrator invited Alley Cat Allies and local rescue groups to tour the property and assess the situation. We submitted a proposal offering long-term assistance to maximize the effectiveness of the program for both the cats and for the enrichment and education of the inmates. It appears that the TNR program has already significantly reduced the population size through natural attrition and adoption of socialized cats and kittens. We’re now working with the Animal Alliance of Cape May to organize a one-day mobile clinic at the prison to neuter cats who have not yet gone through TNR.

Improve the lives of cats in your community through Trap-Neuter-Return.

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The Future Five: Shelter Partners to Save Cats’ Lives


Alley Cat Allies is proud to announce the final members of our Future Five: Shelter Partners to Save Cats’ Lives program, which aims to develop five model animal shelters. The shelters are Kanawha/Charleston Humane Association in West Virginia, Bay Minette City Shelter in Alabama, Johnson County Animal Shelter in Indiana, Lee County Domestic Animal Services in Florida, and Stanislaus Animal Services Agency in California. We’ll help them review their policies and improve and expand their foster networks, spay/neuter resources, Trap-Neuter-Return initiatives, and other programs that save cats’ lives. The shelters will each receive $5,000 and one year of expert guidance by Alley Cat Allies. At the end of the year, we will produce case studies to guide other shelters.

Watch the Future Five video.

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Adoptable Cat: Meet Bartles


This guy is as friendly as can be, so don't let his eartip fool you! He likes it because it makes him look tough, but he's really a big softy. Bartles just LOVES to be petted and give head butts. Bartles tests positive for feline leukemia virus (FeLV), but don't let that deter you from bringing him home. His foster parent says he’s not showing symptoms of FeLV, and cats who test positive for FeLV can live long, happy lives. Bartles would love to come live with you and show you just how amazing FeLV+ kitties are.

Find out more about Bartles and other adoptable cats!

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Coastal New Jersey Network Plans Bright Future for Cats


On December 9, a dedicated group of cat lovers gathered for the second meeting of the Coastal New Jersey Cat Assistance Network (CNJ-CAN), which Alley Cat Allies helped form. Attendees discussed how people already doing Trap-Neuter-Return can work together to do large-scale, targeted trapping. Alley Cat Allies staff members were on hand to discuss our Atlantic City and Seaside Heights work.

Read about our work caring for cats at the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

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Learn how to do Trap-Neuter-Return in your community. Register for our January 15 webinar.

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