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March Edition

Thanks to the support of loyal donors like you, we’ve been very busy this month protecting cats around the country. Here are just a few of our current projects and successes:

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A Step Toward Justice for Larry


In January, a police officer in Bloomfield, Nebraska shot and killed a beloved two-year-old pet cat named Larry. He then dumped Larry’s body behind a shed. The officer was only given a written reprimand. Thanks to your support, Bloomfield’s officials have agreed to meet with Alley Cat Allies about humane education for law enforcement and other programs to prevent this from happening again. We need you to pledge your support to make sure we get justice for Larry. Add your name to the petition »

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Extreme Makeover: Shelter Edition


On a recent visit with Lee County Domestic Animal Services in Florida, we were encouraged by this Future Five Shelter Partner’s progress toward transforming into a model shelter. It now performs early-age spay/neuter and will be adopting out cats who test positive for FeLV and FIV! Saving lives left and right »

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Keeping Spay/Neuter Clinic Doors Open in Alabama


An Alabama bill that will protect spay/neuter clinics has now passed the state’s House of Representatives, and is poised for a full vote by Alabama’s Senate. Alabama has four spay/neuter clinics—and they need our help to continue their crucial work. Find out more about the bill »

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Adoptable Cat: Meet Persimmon!


This handsome one-year-old orange tabby was whisked up in a TNR program, but is so friendly that he was not returned to the colony—hence the “eartip.” He’s a champion cuddler who enjoys playing fetch and perching on shoulders. See Persimmon’s full profile and other adorable, adoptable cats »

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Protecting Cats in Michigan


Macomb County Animal Shelter in Michigan has adopted a lifesaving TNR program. But some cities in the county want to stop using the shelter’s services so that they can keep killing feral cats. Alley Cat Allies has been working with local groups and individuals to encourage these cities to save cats’ lives. Read more »

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Leaping Kitten

The numbers are in: Trap-Neuter-Return works. These case studies show how effective and humane TNR really is—it stabilizes populations and reduces them in size over time.

Got plans tonight? Sign up for TONIGHT’S Helping Cats in Your Community Webinar and learn the basics of TNR!

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