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,Killing cats is NEVER the answer.

The anti-cat groups are at it again: A New York Times op-ed published last week accuses cats of wildlife destruction while humans are really to blame – and suggests that there should be no outdoor cats, implying they should be killed.

Let me be absolutely clear: Killing is never the answer. We’re a compassionate society, and no one wants to see even more cats killed in shelters. Besides, the real threats to birds – habitat loss, pesticide use and window collisions – are caused by humans, not cats.

Opponents of cats have powerful megaphones: Smithsonian, The Washington Post, and now The New York Times. But Alley Cat Allies has science and compassion on our side, and we’re not going to wait for another attack on cats.

We are setting the record straight. Help Alley Cat Allies fight back to protect cats and birds.

Click here to share our infographic on Facebook, so we can get out the truth to counter these misguided claims and save cats’ lives.

This op-ed is the latest attack on our progress with Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and other humane policies for cats. The writer uses junk data, error-ridden studies, and fear mongering to arrive at his dangerous conclusion. I wish this op-ed were an isolated case, but there’s a coordinated movement afoot to undermine TNR, the only humane and effective option for outdoor cats and communities.

Killing cats won’t save birds. Millions of cats are already killed in shelters every year – this must stop. With so many cats’ lives at stake, we need as many compassionate people as possible to help us fight back. If not us, then who?

Share our infographic with your friends and family and help us combat misinformation that blames cats for human actions.

Thank you for standing up for cats everywhere,

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Becky Robinson
President and Founder
Alley Cat Allies

P.S. To be able to respond aggressively the next time cats come under fire, we need your support. Make your first gift count by donating now.


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