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Tell the Smithsonian: Stop spreading junk science that will kill cats!Articles scapegoating cats have been all over the news this week, from The New York Times to USA Today.

These stories are based on biased research that could lead to more outdoor cats being rounded up and killed. It’s absolutely horrifying.

The media are relying on a so-called “study” funded by the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Division of Migratory Birds that recklessly perpetuates a bogus debate. It’s propaganda, and Alley Cat Allies is demanding that the Smithsonian denounce it.

This “study” is a direct attack on our progress with Trap-Neuter-Return. In communities across the country, TNR stabilizes and reduces the population of feral cats and saves millions of cats from being killed in shelters. This Smithsonian report is a desperate attempt to set back that progress.

Please, don’t let that happen. We need you to stand with us right away. We have to stop this junk science advocating for the mass killing of cats and immediately combat the lies.

Speak out and stand with us. Tell the Smithsonian: Stop spreading junk science that will kill cats.

This “study” was authored by researchers with an anti-cat track record. It appeared in the online journal Nature Communications.

The authors arrived at their chosen conclusion by cherry-picking data in the most egregious fashion. Worse still, they cite a discredited researcher, a colleague who was convicted and then fired for trying to poison cats.

Let’s be clear: the real threats to birds and other wildlife populations—deforestation, climate change, and habitat destruction—are being ignored.

We cannot stand for cats to be scapegoats.

More killing should never be the answer. We’ve got to come together and speak out now to save cats’ lives—they’re counting on us.

Click here to tell the Smithsonian to stop spreading false information that puts cats at risk.


Becky Robinson

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