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February Edition

Thanks to the support of loyal donors like you, we've been very busy this month protecting cats around the country. Here are just a few of our current projects and successes:
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Thank You for Standing With Us Against the Smithsonian

Smithsonian Petition
Last week, you helped us respond to a “study” that was making headlines around the country. Funded in part by the Smithsonian Institute, this literature review was a thinly veiled attempt to promote an anti-cat agenda. The authors’ findings were based on extreme extrapolations made from miniscule studies; their margin of error was in the billions; and they included studies from decades ago. Alley Cat Allies knows that when junk science is taken for truth, cats’ lives are at risk. More than 55,000 (so far!) have agreed and responded by signing our petition calling on the Smithsonian to stop funding this kind of science, disavow this research, and turn their attention to remediating the real threats to wildlife populations—habitat destruction, environmental pollution, and climate change. In the coming week, we’ll be delivering the petition to the Smithsonian directly, and will report on their response.
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Share the Love this Valentine's Day

Valentine eCards
You hear that? That’s the clock ticking down to Valentine’s Day, which is tomorrow! With our adorable free eValentines, we can help you impart a range of Valentine’s Day messages, from cute to romantic to silly. Hugging kittens, kissing tabbies, or a cat and dog odd couple: Spread the love far and wide with an Alley Cat Allies eValentine!
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Adoptable Cats: Mr. Bigglesworth and Mini Me

Adoptable Cats: Mini Me and Bigglesworth
Though named after famous sidekicks, Mr. Bigglesworth and Mini Me are the true stars of the show! At 8 months old, these adorable fluffy felines are brothers, best friends, and the most loveable pair around. A big guy with an even bigger heart, Mr. Bigglesworth is sweet and playful, with lots of “kitten” left in him. And don’t be fooled by his brother Mini Me there’s nothing “mini” about this dude’s love for playtime and toys. Stuffed mice, strings, and even swishing tails are sure to keep these two and you entertained for hours. Are you ready for twice the fun AND twice the cuteness? Adopt Mr. Bigglesworth and Mini Me today!
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Alley Cat Allies is Changing Communities for Cats

Changing Communities for Cats
We’re just back from our Changing Communities for Cats Campaign tour stop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida! We were so energized from meeting with 200 grassroots activists and supporters from around the state--and were excited by what we learned. This campaign is about transforming our shelters to make communities safe for cats, and we’re getting started in Florida with focused work in Pompano Beach and broader planning for the entire state.
We’re touring the country, meeting with our supporters and grassroots groups, and working to reform local shelters’ policies so they save cats’ lives. Stay tuned to our website for updates from the tour.
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Do You Know a Veterinarian Who Cares for Cats?

Feral Friends Network
Calls for help to Alley Cat Allies increase every day—and our Feral Friends Network is a critical lifeline for those individuals. We’re looking to expand the network to include more veterinarians who provide feral cat spay/neuter or care, and you can help!

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