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Friend,To help local groups save cats' lives, donate to our Disaster Response Fund.

We’ve all been stirred by the images coming out of Oklahoma. A black and white cat named Panda is rescued from underneath a pile of rubble—terrified, but safe in the arms of her ecstatic owner. A woman who thought her beloved dog was swept away finds him cowering beneath the few broken boards that are left of her home.

We’ve been amazed by the endurance of the people of Oklahoma. For some, the animals in their lives are literally all they have left. But for many, that’s all they hoped for as the storm approached—that their loved ones, animals included, would be safe.

In the midst of chaos in Oklahoma and the threat of even more storms, Alley Cat Allies continues to support efforts to reunite cats with their people—and find displaced feral cats safe places to call home. We couldn’t do this without your generous support.

We knew it would take a few days to assess the damage and start seeing cats. But now, as cats are emerging from the destruction, we’re making sure that they are met with compassion and care. As more people are allowed into the affected areas, more calls are coming in—and we’re connecting individuals and organizations with the resources they need most. We’re offering urgent veterinary care, financial support, traps, medical supplies, food, vaccines—and perhaps most important, we’re providing people who are enduring one of the most traumatic experiences of their lives with solace and the reassurance that they are never alone in their efforts to help animals.

Alley Cat Allies is uniquely positioned to help people get the resources they need to care for cats affected by the tornado. We are supporting organizations that are on the front lines rescuing cats—Animal Resource Center, Inc., Central Oklahoma Humane Society, Hands Helping Paws, and Safe Haven Animal Rescue, to name a few. By facilitating communication and networking between organizations in Oklahoma and others supporting them, we’ve created an organized, unified disaster response that will save the most lives.

As Oklahomans begin to recover and rebuild, we will continue to be there for them and their animals. And we will keep you updated on what we’re doing to help. We have been so amazed at the generous support we’ve received from compassionate people nationwide to make this cohesive rescue effort possible.

Thank you so much for your generosity during this tragic time.


Donna Wilcox
Vice President
Alley Cat Allies

P.S. Click here to provide support for the Disaster Response Fund to help protect more cats when they need us the most.

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