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June Edition

Thanks to the support of loyal donors like you, we've been very busy this month protecting cats around the country. Here are just a few of our current projects and successes:
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No More “Frank Juniors”

John Fulton for Alley Cat Allies
John Fulton, host of Animal Planet’s Must Love Cats, breaks it to Frank the Feral that he’s getting neutered in Alley Cat Allies’ new PSA. Fulton lays it all out for Frank, explaining that Trap-Neuter-Return, the process of humanely trapping outdoor cats and neutering and vaccinating them before returning them to their outdoor home, is the only humane and effective approach to feral cats. John Fulton is a special guest at Alley Cat Allies’ National Conference: Architects of Change for Cats this November 8 to 10 near Washington, D.C. The conference will have something for everyone, whether you’re a caregiver, a shelter employee, or anyone else who cares about making communities safe places for cats.

WATCH: Sorry Frank, your Casanova days are OVER.
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Playpens for Oklahoma Kittens

Oklahoma kittens in their new playpen
The tornadoes in Oklahoma were devastating for everyone affected, animals included. For cats, it didn’t help that these vicious storms came right in the middle of kitten season. Thankfully, local animal rescue groups wasted no time getting to the front lines to save cats and kittens from the wreckage. To relieve shelters overwhelmed by the influx of animals, local group Hands Helping Paws picked up more than 100 kittens from shelters. Alley Cat Allies provided Hands Helping Paws with financial support for its rescue operations, as well as soft-sided kitten playpens to make sure the babies were safe and sound in their new foster homes. Can you imagine anything cuter than a pile of napping kittens in a playpen? Thank you for supporting us in our aid to Oklahoma!

Be prepared—develop a disaster plan for your pets or feral cat colony.
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"Changing Communities for Cats" Tour Stops in the Windy City!

Grey eartipped tabby on concrete
Chicago is the next stop on our "Changing Communities for Cats" National Tour! Cat lovers in Chicago are about to learn how we’re working to bring about sustainable change that will protect cats’ lives—and how they can help! We aren’t expecting screaming fans in the Windy City—but we are excited to meet compassionate Chicagoans eager to change their community for cats.

Learn more about the Changing Communities for Cats Tour.
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Adoptable Cat: Meet KitKat!

Adoptable Cat: Kit Kat
Even sweeter than her name suggests, KitKat is an adorable and affectionate 4-month-old kitten looking for a forever home! Born outside, KitKat was a little shy at first, but you won’t meet another feline cuddlier than this gorgeous, all-black gal. A bad eye infection left her with a slightly clouded right eye, but it doesn’t bother KitKat at all—she’s as rambunctious and playful as ever. And though she prefers to be the only cat in the house showered with love and attention, she’s fond of all human companions and even her foster sister, the family dog named Mop. She’s ready for the perfect home, with you, and maybe even a new canine friend, too.

Adopt her today!
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Rolling Out Trap-Neuter-Return in Norfolk

Colony of eartipped cats
Next weekend, Alley Cat Allies is heading to Norfolk, Virginia, to help launch a Trap-Neuter-Return program for the community’s outdoor cats. The Norfolk SPCA recently initiated its new TNR advocacy, support, and education effort, and Alley Cat Allies has supported the shelter with guidance and educational resources. On June 21 and 22, our Law & Policy Associate Director Will Gomaa and Special Projects Manager Amanda Novotny will conduct workshops with Norfolk SPCA’s staff and the public on the ins and outs of TNR. As part of this program launch, the shelter is offering free spay/neuter surgeries for feral cats in Norfolk for a limited time, and reduced cost spay/neuter for cats from elsewhere in Hampton Roads.

Learn more about Trap-Neuter-Return in Norfolk.
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Speaking of Cats…

Cat meowing
Alley Cat Allies fully supports your habit of talking about cats (yes, even at parties). But since the words you use will shape people’s thoughts about cats, we want to help you say exactly what you mean. Here’s a sneak peek at a new column premiering in the summer issue of Alley Cat Action, our quarterly newsletter:
“Homeless”: Feral cats have a home—it’s just not the kind most people think about. Feral cats have made their homes outdoors for thousands of years and they form strong bonds to their colony and territory. If we say they’re “homeless,” people might mistakenly think adoption, not TNR, is the best approach.
“Overpopulation”: Talking about cat “overpopulation” leads many to believe that colonies must be minimized, i.e., that the only solution is killing cats. Instead, talk about stabilizing feral cat populations, stopping the breeding cycle, and the other benefits of TNR.
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Quick Notes

Leaping Kitten
Free Webinar TONIGHT:
Learn the basics of Trap-Neuter-Return with our Helping Cats in Your Community webinar. Tonight at 7:30 p.m. EDT.

NEW Community Calendar:
Have a cat-related event, workshop, or clinic you want to share? Add it to our new Community Calendar.

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