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September Edition

Thanks to the support of loyal donors like you, we’ve been very busy this month protecting cats around the country. Here are just a few of our current projects and successes:
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Our National Conference Has Something for Every Cat Lover

Alley Cat Allies National Conference

From Nov. 8 – 10, hundreds of cat lovers will descend on the Washington, D.C., area to harness their passion for cats at Alley Cat Allies’ National Conference. We hope you’ll join them! Conference attendees will attend a variety of workshops led by veterinarians, shelter directors, attorneys, and activists who have already successfully changed their communities for cats—and who want to share their insight and experiences with you! Workshop topics include Becoming an Empowered Activist, Shelter Transformation, Engaging the Veterinary Community, and more.

Check out our full list of workshops and register today!

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Alley Cat Allies Demands Justice for MommaCat

Justice for MommaCat

MommaCat, a feral cat in Walton County, Fla., was brutally shot by a resident as she was approaching her caregiver. Inexplicably, the responding police officer reported that “no criminal act was noted.” The shooter’s actions clearly violate Florida’s anti-cruelty law. More than 2,000 Alley Cat Allies supporters in Florida contacted the local Sheriff, and as a result, the Sheriff’s Department is now seriously investigating the case. An Alley Cat Allies representative met with the supervisor of investigations and a representative from the district attorney’s office this Monday and was assured they are taking the case seriously. We continue to watch the situation closely to help ensure that the shooter is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Read more about this tragedy.

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A National Feral Cat Day® Award Could Save Lives in Your Local Shelter


This National Feral Cat Day®, Alley Cat Allies is on a mission to help animal shelters save more cats. We’re inviting shelters to apply for a National Feral Cat Day® Challenge Award, a ramped up version of our previous National Feral Cat Day® Awards. To qualify, shelters must be a 501(c)(3) or partner with a 501(c)(3), commit to an official Feral Cat Protection Policy, which means that they stop impounding feral cats, and support Trap-Neuter-Return. Alley Cat Allies will select five shelters to receive $5,000 each and Alley Cat Allies staff support. Shelters across the country are taking steps to save the lives of feral cats. Is a shelter in your community ready to take the next step?

The NFCD Awards application deadline is Sept. 20—find out more about the program.

How are YOU celebrating National Feral Cat Day®? Register your event to receive your start-up kit and T-shirt!

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Pennsylvania Community Rallies to Save Cats

South Newton

Community members in South Newton Township, Penn., breathed a sigh of relief when local officials finally abandoned a plan to catch and kill outdoor cats. However, supervisors said it was up to property owners to address the feral cat topic, claiming it was too expensive for the township to handle. Alley Cat Allies is asking the supervisors to divert funding allocated for catching and killing cats to humane solutions for cats. In the meantime, we’re supporting local groups’ vaccine clinics and Trap-Neuter-Return for cats. Instead of being killed, cats are getting their shots and being returned to their outdoor homes!

Read the full story in our press release.

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Adoptable Cat: Meet Dempsey!


We call this little boy Dempsey because he is a fighter! Hailing from our highly successful Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats Project, Dempsey was in rough shape when we found him. His fractured rear leg had to be amputated, but he is healing up nicely and adjusting well. Though he had a rough start, Dempsey is ready for a forever home where he can live the pampered life. If you’re ready to spend some quality time with a sweet young cat and bring him out of his shell, Dempsey is the companion for you!

Check out more photos of Atlantic City’s fightin’ kitty.

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Arlington, Texas, Approves Trap-Neuter-Return for Community Cats


Congratulations to Arlington, Texas, for taking steps to improve the lives of cats in its community by adopting a Trap-Neuter-Return program! Alley Cat Allies worked closely with city officials to develop a resolution, which was passed unanimously at a city council meeting. Alley Cat Allies will continue to educate residents on TNR, and will work with the city to conduct TNR on community cats.

Arlington’s new resolution recognizes and celebrates feral cat caregivers!

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Quick Notes

Leaping Kitten

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