Alley Cat Allies Architects of Change for Cats Conference

Photo credit: Jason Putsché

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Alley Cat Allies staff and volunteers welcomed more than 350 conference attendees from 37 states - and two other countries - at the three-day conference! Mike Arms, President of Helen Woodward Animal Center, encourages attendees to use their creativity and work together to continue protecting cats. Alley Cat Allies President Becky Robinson discusses how far we've come in the movement to protect cats - and the next phase in building a safe world for cats. Jon Cicirelli of San Jose Animal Care and Services, Scott Giacoppo of Washington Humane Society, and Major Steve Lamb of the Spartanburg Public Safety Department share their Trap-Neuter-Return success stories. Bonney Brown shares the remarkable biology of the cat during our Saturday morning plenary. John Fulton of Animal Planet's <em>Must Love Cats</em> serenades the Saturday night banquet crowd with a whole concert of kitty-themed songs. A packed room for John Fulton's performance at our banquet Saturday night. Alley Cat Allies President Becky Robinson presents John Fulton with an award of appreciation during Saturday night's banquet. Our conference message board was a big hit! Attendees posted everything from job opportunities and networking messages to cat photos. It's great to have attorneys on the cats' side! Anna Morrison-Ricordati, Calley Gerber, and Will Gomaa discuss shelter transparency and ensure that caregivers know their rights. An excited attendee’s manicure featuring Alley Cat Allies' logo! Alley Cat Allies Vice President Donna Wilcox rallies the crowd during the closing comments Sunday night. Kimmy Hernandez, a young architect of change for cats, talks about why she loves and helps protect cats during the closing comments on Sunday. Everyone wants a photo with Frank the Feral! Alley Cat Allies President Becky Robinson and John Fulton join in. Frank the Feral connects with the future of the movement! A great big THANK YOU to all the volunteers and staff who donned those bright yellow t-shirts to help conference attendees. Like the bat signal, but for cats! We took over the hotel with two of these projections, and tons of posters and floor decals. Everywhere you looked there were cats!