Urge The Washington Post to Set the Record Straight: Americans Want Humane Policies for Cats

Orange cat laying in a field A recent story in The Washington Post Magazine is full of errors about Trap-Neuter-Return and those who advocate on behalf of outdoor community cats.

The article dismisses our national movement for humane policies and misrepresents the true landscape of TNR. Worse—it misrepresents our morals and values as a society. We know that the majority of Americans want cats to live. It is crucial that we make ourselves heard, because lives are at stake.

Sign the petition urging The Washington Post to publish an op-ed by Alley Cat Allies that accurately depicts our movement and the widespread support for Trap-Neuter-Return.

As a supporter of humane programs for cats, I was disappointed by the Washington Post Magazine article full of errors and misrepresentations about Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). I'm concerned that your readers now have a completely inaccurate understanding of this program, and I am asking you to set the record straight.

Please publish an op-ed from Alley Cat Allies, the national organization that has been promoting TNR for more than 20 years, to clear up misrepresentations about TNR and accurately depict the widespread support for TNR.

I join the vast majority of Americans in supporting humane policies for cats. TNR is the only effective and humane approach to stabilizing and eventually reducing feral cat populations. More than 430 local governments, including many major cities, have adopted ordinances endorsing TNR.

Numerous studies show that TNR effectively stabilizes and reduces feral cat populations over time. Studies also show that outdoor cats are overwhelmingly healthy, and that cats in TNR programs have the same long lifespans as housecats.

Please set the record straight on TNR and publish an op-ed by Alley Cat Allies.

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