Humane Cat Policies Pledge


I stand for humane policies for cats!

Support_Commuity_Cat_Caregivers.jpgIn city councils and state legislatures all across the country, shocking anti-cat policies are being introduced.

Alley Cat Allies is doing all they can to advocate against legislation that puts cats in danger and I will stand with them.

7 out of 10 cats that go into animal shelters in the U.S. are killed there. In fact, shelter killings are the number one documented cause of death for cats in this country. It’s even worse for outdoor cats—virtually 100% of these cats are killed upon entering an animal shelter.

I refuse to allow this cycle of killing to continue, and I will fight for humane policies for cats in my community and across the country.

Yes! I stand with Alley Cat Allies and humane policies for cats!

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