New Hampshire Residents: Speak Out for Shelter Animals


Update: February 28, 2019

Unfortunately, House Bill 688 has been laid on the table. This means legislators may vote on this bill in the future, but for now it has been set aside. But we can keep pushing for this bill. If you haven’t already, please ask your representative to consider HB 688 this session!

The New Hampshire House Environment and Agriculture Committee is holding a hearing on House Bill 688 on Thursday, Feb. 7. This bill aims to improve necessary oversight of animal shelters and other facilities that care for animals (like hobby breeders and pet vendors). If passed, the law would create a new program to oversee companion animal welfare, establish a statewide database of pet vendors, hobby breeders, and animal shelters that transfer or adopt out animals, require licenses and inspections of all entities to ensure animals are receiving proper care, and more.

The law also explicitly details what animal shelters would be required to do, including maintaining records of animals in their facilities and to scan them for a microchip upon intake. This helps get lost animals back to their homes so they do not remain in shelters, where they’re at risk of being killed.

All of these measures help hold shelters and other facilities accountable for the animals in their care and improves those animals' lives.

Ask your state legislator to support HB 688 today.


  • State Representative Sherry L. Dutzy
  • State Representative Kevin Verville
  • State Representative Harry H. Bean
  • State Representative John T. O'Connor
  • State Representative Jacqueline Chretien
  • State Representative Charles 'Charlie' E. Melvin Sr.
  • State Representative Harry Viens
  • State Representative Judy Aron
  • State Representative Catherine Sofikitis
  • State Representative Elizabeth 'Liz' McConnell
  • State Representative Beth Richards
  • State Representative Andrew Bouldin
  • State Representative Howard C. Pearl
  • State Representative Michael E. Furbush
  • State Representative Megan A. Murray
  • State Representative Donna Ellis


Please Support House Bill 688

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a resident of New Hampshire, I ask you to please consider House Bill 688 this legislative session and to support it. If enacted into law, this would improve oversight of animal shelters and other facilities that transfer animals, like pet vendors and hobby breeders. This will ensure that these facilities are properly caring for animals.

When oversight of animal shelters and other facilities is strengthened, we help to ensure the humane treatment of animals in their care. Likewise, when shelters are transparent, the public and policymakers like you know that tax dollars are being used to support effective policies that improve the lives of animals. Transparency also helps shelters increase adoption rates, attract volunteers, and gain community support. People want to support a shelter they know is working hard to save lives.

Please support HB 688 and ensure the well-being of animals in your state.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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