Alpharetta residents: Don't let a cat be pepper-sprayed again

2020-01_ADV_GA_Alpharetta.jpgThis action is ONLY for residents of Alpharetta, Georgia

In November, police officers in Alpharetta pepper-sprayed a friendly outdoor cat—an abusive and highly unnecessary action. As the experts in the field, Alley Cat Allies offered to meet with city leadership and discuss training officers on proper protocols for cats outdoors so an incident like this never happens again.

Though the City and Mayor Pro Tem Mitchell initially agreed to hold these discussions with Alley Cat Allies, they recently reversed the decision and withdrew from dialogue. This lack of action to prevent harm to animals is disturbing. Alpharetta’s cats and residents deserve better.

Please send a letter and ask Mayor Jim Gilvin to reopen the discussion with Alley Cat Allies and protect cats.


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Allow our police to receive training on how to approach a cat

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a resident of Alpharetta, I urge you to take immediate action to protect our city's cats from further harm.

I was shocked and upset when I first heard that a friendly cat was pepper-sprayed by our city's police officers in November. I was even more concerned to hear that Mayor Pro Tem Donald Mitchell reversed an agreement to meet with Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies, when she reached out in the aftermath of the incident and offered to discuss best practices regarding police assessment and interaction with cats. This training is critical to ensure that an inappropriate response toward cats never happens again in Alpharetta.

I urge you to reopen a dialogue with Alley Cat Allies and enable police to receive training from the experts in the field so they approach cats in a humane and acceptable manner in the future. The decision to pepper-spray an innocent cat, who was only meowing and not displaying any aggressive behavior, shows a disturbing lack of understanding of cats within our police force. By working with Alley Cat Allies, you can provide officers with the best protocols and information to prevent another situation like this.

By refusing this meeting and failing to act, you express that it is acceptable for police to act abusively toward a cat. This is strongly against my values and the values of my fellow residents.

Pepper-spraying a cat is never acceptable. There are humane options and well-established best practices to approach cats living outdoors. Please, meet with Alley Cat Allies so our officers can learn them.

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