Virginia Residents: Support Trap-Neuter-Return!

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Updated—February 3, 2020:

Great news! HB 1727 passed in the Virginia House Agriculture Subcommittee! But we’re not done yet. Now this important bill goes before the full Agriculture Committee. If it passes there, it will be heard by the full House.

The Agriculture Committee is meeting on Wednesday, February 5, so please act by February 4. Tell your legislators that you support HB 1727 to save more cats’ lives!

Original Message:

The Virginia House Agriculture Subcommittee is considering House Bill 1727, which affirms that Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) for community cats is legal throughout Virginia.

By passing this bill, we will pave the way for lifesaving TNR programs to take hold in every community in the state.

Many cities and towns in Virginia have been doing TNR for years. However, some local officials falsely believe TNR programs are illegal. We need to take action now and pass HB 1727 so every Virginia community knows that TNR is the lawful approach to community cats.

We can save the lives of more cats if we act now. Please ask your delegate to vote YES on HB 1727.


  • State Representative Charles 'Charlie' D. Poindexter
  • State Representative James E. Edmunds II
  • State Representative David L. Bulova
  • State Representative Alfonso H. Lopez
  • State Representative Michael J. Webert
  • State Representative Nancy D. Guy
  • State Representative Rodney T. Willett
  • State Representative Joshua G. Cole
  • State Representative Daniel I. Helmer
  • State Representative Mark L. Keam
  • State Representative Margaret B. Ransone
  • State Representative Roslyn 'Roz' C. Tyler
  • State Representative Sally L. Hudson
  • State Representative Shelly A. Simonds
  • State Representative Kenneth 'Ken' R. Plum
  • State Representative C. Todd 'Todd' Gilbert
  • State Representative R. Lee 'Lee' Ware
  • State Representative Gwendolyn 'Wendy' W. Gooditis
  • State Representative Kathy K.L. Tran
  • State Representative Robert 'Rob' S. Bloxom Jr.
  • State Representative Tony O. Wilt
  • State Representative Daniel 'Danny' W. Marshall III
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Please Support Trap-Neuter-Return Programs

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a resident of Virginia, I ask you to please support House Bill 1727 to clarify and affirm that Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is a lawful approach to community cats in our state. 'Community cats' is the more inclusive term used to refer to unowned outdoor cats, as not all community cats are feral.

Though many Virginia communities have been doing TNR for community cats for years, some local officials still believe this critical program is illegal. By passing HB 1727, you assure that TNR is allowed by the law and clear a path for TNR programs to take hold in every community in the state.
Through TNR, community cats are humanely trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, eartipped to prove they have been part of a TNR program, and returned to their outdoor homes to live out their lives. TNR is sound public policy because it reduces shelter intake, stops the needless killing of cats, and leads to decreased calls to animal services, all of which save taxpayer dollars.

Scientific research has shown that TNR ends the breeding cycle, meaning no new litters of kittens are born outdoors. As a result, TNR improves the lives of cats and the community members who live near them.

HB 1727 defines "TNR program" and "TNR volunteer" in a manner that outlines and supports the process of TNR, which clears up doubts and removes any ambiguity in the current law. When TNR advocates know they have legal support, they will be able to expand their important work to save more cats and kittens.

TNR is already the legal, effective, and mainstream approach to community cats in Virginia. That is why I ask you to ensure TNR programs can reach even more cats and communities with the full protection of the law. Please vote YES on HB 1727.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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