New Jersey Residents: Support the "Compassion for Community Cats" bills

ADV_NJ_TNR-Funding_344x361.jpgThis action is ONLY for residents of New Jersey

New Jersey has an opportunity to strengthen its commitment to protect community cats from being killed. New Jersey Senate bill 1034 and Assembly bill 4399 would lead to more cats being spayed or neutered and vaccinated by redirecting money from an unused, defunct fund into a new statewide fund to provide TNR start-up grants to local cities, towns, and counties.
These lifesaving bills would also promote TNR by removing a seven-day hold requirement for community cats in shelters after spay or neuter surgery so they can be returned to their outdoor homes right away. The longer community cats stay in New Jersey shelters, the more likely they are to be killed. Additionally, the bills require shelters, rescues and pounds to spay or neuter cats prior to adoption.
With the passage of these bills, TNR would become far more widespread in New Jersey, saving many cats from being killed in shelters throughout the state.
Tell your legislators to show their support for community cats in New Jersey by signing on to sponsor S-1034 or A-4399.


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Please Support S-1034 and A-4399

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a resident of New Jersey, I ask that you please sign on to sponsor the "Compassion for Community Cats" bills, S-1034 and A-4399. If passed, this proposal would reduce the number of cats who are killed every year in New Jersey's animal shelters, saving lives and tax dollars.

Money would be redirected from an unused, defunct fund to establish the "Compassion for Community Cats Fund" in a revenue-neutral way. This fund would provide start-up grants to municipalities and counties for the establishment of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), also called Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR).

TNVR is the humane and effective approach to address populations of community cats, also called feral cats. TNVR protects cats, ends the breeding cycle so no new kittens are born outdoors, reflects the humane values of communities, and saves taxpayer money that would be spent housing these unadoptable cats in shelters.

Community cats cannot be adopted into indoor homes because they are not socialized, or friendly and accustomed to, people. That is why, nationwide, virtually all community cats brought to shelters are killed--a morally unacceptable and costly practice. Through TNVR programs, community cats are instead humanely trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, eartipped for identification, and then returned outdoors. Community cat populations stabilize all while the cats live and thrive in their outdoor homes.

For cats who are part of TNVR programs, these bills would also remove a seven-day hold requirement so they can be returned to their outdoor homes after spay or neuter surgery rather than held unnecessarily in shelters. The longer community cats stay in a shelter, the greater the chance they will be killed, and the greater the cost to New Jersey taxpayers. Additionally, shelters, rescues, and pounds would be required to spay or neuter cats prior to releasing them for adoption, which further manages the cat population.

The "Compassion for Community Cats" bills will strengthen New Jersey's commitment to end the killing of healthy animals, while encouraging communities around the state to support lifesaving programs such as TNVR.

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