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Ask New Jersey Governor to Lift Feeding Ban at Bayside State Prison


UPDATE: November 24, 2014
Alley Cat Allies met with Bayside State Prison officials and received a tour of the prison grounds so we could begin to assess the situation and the cats’ health. The cats we saw appear to be stable and in good shape and are being fed on an interim basis.

We’ve begun discussions with prison officials, and we look forward to putting in place a long-term program to meet the needs of the cats and Bayside State Prison.

Thanks to all of your who raised your voice to protect the cats at Bayside. It’s because of you that Bayside State Prison is working with Alley Cat Allies. We will keep you updated!

ORIGINAL ISSUE: Last week, we asked for help lifting a feeding ban cruelly imposed on cats at Bayside State Prison in New Jersey.  Tens of thousands of people expressed their shock and requested that the cats be fed and the prison work with Alley Cat Allies, but the cruel feeding ban is still in place. 

We want to save the cats and set up a program that will be beneficial to the cats, the prison, and the state of New Jersey.

Act now—ask New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to intervene on behalf of the cats and stop this state-sanctioned animal cruelty.

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