201703_Declaw_NY_344x361.jpgThis action is ONLY for residents of New York

Update March 5, 2019:

Thank you for supporting this important bill. Due to the overwhelming response, we have closed further action on this alert and will re-open it at a later date.

Original Message:

The New York Assembly Standing Committee on Agriculture is considering an important bill to ban the declawing of cats statewide. Please ask the committee to hold a hearing on the bill, Assembly Bill 1303, which would prohibit declaw surgery throughout the state.

Declaw surgery is far from a nail trim; it is the surgical amputation of the last joints of a cat’s toes. Declawing is traumatic to cats and can cause permanent damage and chronic pain. Without their claws, cats can have trouble walking and balancing. Discomfort in their feet may cause them to avoid using the litter box. Also, because they may feel unsafe without their natural protection, declawed cats are more likely to bite. These are some of the most common reasons that owners relinquish their cats to animal shelters, where most cats are killed.

Declawing is often done to address unwanted scratching behavior. However, many humane and affordable alternatives are widely available such as scratching posts, vinyl nail covers, and deterrent spray

Ask your legislators to hold a hearing on and support AB 1303 and end declawing throughout New York.