South Carolina Residents: Support Humane Standards in Shelters

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Update 5/14/2019:

The House has passed SB 105. Unfortunately, before it was approved, it was amended on the House floor and the shelter standards were removed.

Thank you to everyone who took action on this bill. Even though these important changes failed this legislative session, we will continue to press for humane policies in South Carolina. We’ll keep you in the loop about how you can help. Thank you for all you do for cats!

Update 5/1/2019:

Great news! Because you spoke out, SB 105 passed out of the House Judiciary Committee. The bill is now headed to the House floor for approval. We're a step closer to protecting shelter animals throughout South Carolina, so let's keep up the momentum! Please continue voicing your support for SB 105 below.

Original Message:

This action is ONLY for residents of South Carolina.

Shelter animals in South Carolina could soon have lifesaving protections. Senate Bill 105 recently passed in the state’s Senate and is now with the House of Representatives. The bill would create improved humane standards in South Carolina shelters and ensure all shelters receive proper oversight.

Under the bill, animal control officers or other authorized inspectors could conduct annual inspections of all public and private animal shelters to ensure they are meeting the new standards of humane animal care. If the shelters are found lacking, they can be barred from taking in more animals or even closed. The bill also sets standards for the conditions in which animals are kept and the enrichment programs in place for them.

Shelter oversight is the key to making sure shelter animals receive the care they deserve.

Ask your legislator to support SB 105 today.