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Update: 6/13/2019

The 2019 Texas legislative session has adjourned and unfortunately House Bill 2347 and Senate Bill 1855 has failed to pass. Thank you to everyone who took action on this bill. Even though these important changes failed this legislative session, we will continue to press for humane policies in Texas. We’ll keep you in the loop about how you can help. Thank you for all you do for cats!

Original Message

The Texas legislature is considering House Bill 2347 and Senate Bill 1855, which would make it mandatory for shelters to immediately scan every animal for a microchip upon impoundment. Many shelters still have outdated policies that kill cats, so getting cats out of the shelter system is vital to save their lives. The quicker a shelter scans a cat for a microchip, the quicker she can be returned to where she belongs—indoors or outdoors.

Citizens have their socialized and community cats microchipped believing it will help bring them home if they are ever lost or taken to a shelter. But without laws to make it a requirement, many shelters don’t scan for those microchips right away, if they scan at all.

A microchip can’t save a cat’s life unless somebody scans for it.

Contact your legislators and urge them to pass HB 2347 and SB 1855.