Westwego Residents: Protect Cats in Your Community

This action is ONLY for residents of Westwego, Louisiana

AA_Westwego_344.pngUpdate: October 16, 2019:

Unfortunate news: On October 15, the Westwego City Council unanimously passed the ordinance detailed below, which puts pressure on community cat caregivers and burdens their lifesaving work to help cats.

If you took action and spoke out against the ordinance, thank you. Alley Cat Allies is continuing to look into the situation and we will keep you posted.

Original Message:

Westwego’s Mayor and City Council are considering an ordinance that requires a burdensome permit in order to carry out Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), the only humane and effective approach to community cats.

The ordinance also treats community cat caregivers like the owners of the cats when they are not, subjecting them to the legal pressures of ownership.

To protect cats and caregivers, please speak out below and ask your decisionmakers to remove these barriers to TNR from the proposed ordinance.

Tell them that TNR is the only approach that works.