Stop Casper From Criminalizing Compassion

Update: September 2, 2020

BREAKING NEWS: Casper City Council voted to REMOVE the proposed feeding ban on outdoor cats during its meeting September 1.

However, Council simply replaced the feeding ban with another unacceptable last-minute amendment. The ordinance they passed now makes caregivers the “owners” of community cats, and effectively criminalizes the compassionate work of individual caregivers. You can learn more in our latest press release.

A big thank you to Casper residents and people around the world who spoke out with us in overwhelming opposition to the feeding ban. Alley Cat Allies will continue to work with Casper advocates on creating humane policies and programs that have proven to benefit people and cats.

Please keep watching our Action Center at and your email inbox for more ways you can help us protect Casper’s cats. We will be in touch with next steps.


Original Message

The Casper City Council in Wyoming is continuing to move forward with a measure that would starve cats outdoors and make it a CRIME for Casper residents to feed them—even on their own property.

We encourage everyone to speak out against this proposal, wherever they live. Let the Casper City Council know the world is watching and TAKE ACTION below.

On September 1st, the Casper City Council is scheduled to vote on the proposed feeding ban. Your voice on behalf of community cats is critical to convince Council to reject this cruel ordinance and instead meet with Alley Cat Allies to discuss humane approaches to cats.

Casper residents: Your voice is powerful and important. Make sure you mention in the letter below that you are a resident of Casper or Casper area.

Don’t let Council ignore your email.

Please change the subject line of this email to personalize it. It is also important to use a respectful tone and refrain from derogatory language in any communication to Council.