Sign the Letter

The shocking disregard for the suffering of animals in Spencer County is completely unacceptable in any environment, let alone at a shelter that is entrusted with the care and wellbeing of animals.

Please take a moment and sign the letter below to stand with Alley Cat Allies. We will be sharing this letter with the Spencer County Commissioners to show them just how many of our supporters are demanding immediate improvements to the animal shelter—every signature counts!

Dear Becky,

Thank you for standing up for the cats of Spencer County, Indiana, and the people who are demanding real change to the county’s animal control policies.

The recent allegations that the Spencer County Animal Shelter killed cats and kittens by putting them into the freezer horrifies me. Animal shelters are entrusted to protect and care for our community’s animals, not subject them to animal cruelty.

I support the residents of Spencer County who bravely stepped forward to report these shocking and inhumane methods of killing animals. I believe local citizens have the right to voice their concerns about the treatment of shelter animals and demand immediate reforms.

The Spencer County Commissioners must act to prevent further harm to animals in the county’s care. They must establish new policies and procedures and create an improved culture at the shelter to ensure that the public’s trust can be regained. It is the responsibility of the County Commissioners to guarantee that animals in Spencer County are never subjected to abuse while in the county’s care ever again.

I want the County Commissioners of Spencer County, Indiana, to pledge that they will make reform of its animal shelter a top priority. Until they can promise citizens that no animal is at risk of abuse while in the county’s care, the shelter should be closed, and arrangements should be made with a responsible facility in a neighboring community to care for the animals of Spencer County. Once a trained staff is in place, and best practices have been implemented, animals can again return to Spencer County’s care.

the signers